Social responsibility

At iM Global Partner we are committed to our people and our community, putting our values into action to support initiatives and charitable endeavours with a positive social impact. In particular, we are keen to support and encourage the youth of today in their development and projects.

Entrepreneurial spirit in action

Apprenticeships and internships

Sharing ideas, learning from others, seeking new opportunities – these are all key elements of our entrepreneurial spirit and the reason we offer learning opportunities for people at the start of their careers.

We firmly believe that first working experiences set the foundations, and often overall direction, for someone’s long-term career. This means that we are highly committed to providing opportunities that build technical and personal skills and most importantly offer real responsibility and ownership.

We currently have apprentices and interns working within our Research & Investment, Marketing, Finance and Asset Management teams. We are committed to increasing the number of these positions to at least 10% of our total workforce worldwide.

Linkee: food waste reduction and redistribution

The French charity Linkee was set up to create a link between restaurants, food stores and those in need.

Many of the most vulnerable people in society, including many students, have been hit hard in the last year and are struggling to get enough to eat. This initiative not only reduces food waste but also provides a valuable service to the community.

iM Global Partner supports this initiative which is providing 2000 meals a day to people who need food aid in France.

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Longevity in action

Antarctique 2.0°C

Antarctique 2.0°C is a research project involving six French university students who will travel to the frozen continent to study the impacts of climate change.

The title comes from the Paris agreement’s COP21 objective of ensuring global temperatures do not rise above 2 degrees.

Travelling aboard a Norwegian sailboat, the expedition sets off in September 2021 and includes 4 months sailing from Brittany to Antarctica through the subantarctic islands, then 2 months on a research station located on the shore of the northern Antarctic Peninsula.

Antarctique 2.0°C is designed to raise climate change awareness, and students from primary, secondary and higher education will follow the crew's activities through webcam and written exchanges as the expedition unfolds. Additionally, a documentary series will be shot to reach out to the broader public.

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Integrity in action

Make-A-Wish Polen Capital Golf Tournament

For the 8th year in a row, our partner, Polen Capital, has joined forces with the Make-A-Wish foundation in Southern Florida to support young children facing the challenges of illness. Fulfilling a wish for a child battling illness can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

iM Global Partner supports this enlightened initiative which has already fulfilled 181 wishes and raised important assets for the association via the Polen Capital Golf Tournament.

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